Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Grill'd, Darlinghurst

It’s probably a little sad, and very unromantic, that The Boy and I seemed to be more excited about what we’d be eating for dinner the night after our wedding, rather than the wedding itself.

For me the ‘first supper after the wedding’ signaled the end of a year where I’d watched nearly everything that went into my mouth to ensure I wasn’t going to be a Fatty Boomba Bride.  This is partially my own fault as I’d found a dress I liked ages ago so needed to make sure that I wasn’t eating myself out of a wedding dress and into a potato sack.  Starting a food blog three months before the ‘big day’ probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight...oh well!

After months of deliberating The Boy and I decided that we wanted big fat burgers with big fat fries for dinner after the wedding.  Initially we were thinking Burger Fuel, but they’ve closed down in Darlinghurst where we were staying, or our old favourite and much loved Burger Joint on Liverpool Street.   I know I just wanted everything to be as big, greasy and unhealthy as possible.

So it’s funny then we decide to eat at Grill’d, a burger place renowned for their healthy burgers. 

To be honest though, I’m really here for their chips which I absolutely fell in love with on our last trip to Melbourne.   Whatever they put on their chips has me totally hooked.  I almost got the waiter at the Grill’d we were visiting in Melbourne to tell me what their secret herbs and spices were, but he said he’d be told by management to stop telling everyone their chippie secret.  D’oh.

The sad thing about our post-wedding visit to Grill’d is that we were both so stuffed from all of the food we had at our High Tea we really didn’t have much of an appetite. D’oh again.

We both decided to take it easy on our tummies and each ordered a Mini-Moo Burger ($6.90) which is one of the Grill’d Snack Burgers on offer.   The Mini-Moo is pretty simple as far as gourmet burgers go, just a simple beef pattie and some relish.  

The Boy adds cheese to his burger for an extra $1.00.  I ask for a side of gherkins as I found that my burger needed that little something extra and they give these to me for no extra charge – nice. 

I like that Grill’d give us a choice of the type of bun we’d like with our burger – we only get two options though (unless we want Gluten Free, or no bun at all), which is great for me as I tend to get totally overwhelmed when there are too many options.

I order my Mini-Moo on a traditional wholemeal bun and The Boy goes for the Panini option.  In the past I’ve found the Panini a bit hard and like the softness of the wholemeal bun.

Seeing as we took it easy with the burgers, we go all out with the chips and order a regular serve ($4.30) along with a Herbed Mayo Chip Dip ($0.70).  

OMG – these chips are to die for. Seriously!  Whatever they are putting on them is fantastic and totally addictive. I can identify salt (no kidding, hey) rosemary and possibly thyme, but that’s about as far as my uneducated and lazy palate goes. 

I think I’ll just have to keep going back to sample the chippies until I can guess all their secret herbs.  It’ll be a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Grill’d is at 314 Victoria St, Darlinghurst.

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  1. I love their burgers and you're right - their chips really are addictive! Something about those unidentifiable herbs (by me) and the crunchiness without being really greasy. Of course the herbed mayo helps too =D

    And yay for free gherkins!

  2. I just snooped back through your posts and found your wedding ones! So lovely, it looked perfect, Congratulations. And who doesn't love a burger! They look delicious, And the chips do look amazing (something i am really trying to avoid at the moment)....

  3. oh i love their burgers! havent had it for a while and this branch is just down the road from me! i know what i will be having for lunch / dinner soon!

  4. I've been wanting to eat there since I read the word "healthy" in their website. I suppose it actually means "not mass-produced" instead of "healthy-healthy", but it's a good start. Being a chip addict, I already anticipate lots of re-visits after my first taste of those glorious chips.

  5. that sounds healthy enough! convincing myself! haha! but i definately want to try that chips..yum!

  6. Tried googling the recipe (as I'm sure you have too!!!) - you will just have to try, try, try until you figure it out!!!!!

    Love your comment on un-assistants!! Now I am armed with photos for the next visit!!!

  7. I love their chips too but not the bits of dried rosemary getting stuck in my teeth! Great burgers too and good value. I hope it stays because that spot on Crown Street is really cursed.

  8. That looks great! I've never been to this place as I hardly ever wander to these areas. I'll have to remember this next time I'm there though!

  9. Grill'd's really are popping up all over th eplace. We have had them in QLD for a while and one of my NSW friend was very excited when a Grill'd opened up near her she had tried in Bris and loved. I think it's so hilarious that you chose burgers for the night after the wedding. defs something I will do. I'm yet to get married but don't even know how I will go on a diet if/when I do!

  10. Yet another amazing place in that part of the world that I need to visit soon! Were you tempted to follow it up with gelato messina?

  11. Hi Everyone - For me the best thing about Grill'd is those damn addictive chips. So lucky there isn't a Grill'd out where we live otherwise I'd be there every other day trying to guess their herbie secrets!

    Georgia, there was no way I could've fit Gelato Messina in, but we did think about it long and hard I can tell you. LOL.


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